About the Artist

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About the Artist

I'm Robyn Coburn - a textile artist, crafter and published writer.

After a career in theater and film design, I repurposed my life as a homeschooling parent and artist. I love vintage textiles and beads, paper crafting, upcycling and repurposing, and mixed media collage.


My most recent book is DERVISH DUST: THE LIFE AND WORDS OF JAMES COBURN  (Potomac Books, Lincoln, NE - 2021) . It's the authorized biography of the actor, James Coburn. You can buy it direct from the publisher with a discount code by visiting DervishDust.com.

I live and work in Los Angeles, with my husband - a sound mixer and college professor, my daughter - an art department worker and game designer, and our wee rescue kitty, Virgo, the studio cat. 

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